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Division of Mine Safety
Re-License Mine

Mine licensee check list


  1. Mine license application 
  2. Officers and directors of licensee additional page
  3. Fees
  4. Annual tonnage report (Form L-3)
  5. Authorization form (Required only if the executive officer is unable to be present to sign all the required forms).
  6. Emergency Action Plan (Underground Only) 
  7. Mine Ventilation Plan Cover Sheet Underground Only (must submit M.S.H.A.-approved plan)
  8. Two notarized up-to-date maps of the mine certified by an engineer licensed in Kentucky.  The maps must show a five-year projection of the mine.
  9. One underground map transmittal letter or one surface map transmittal letter must accompany the maps.
  10. Workers' Compensation coverage (Our office will verify the coverage through the Department of Labor in Frankfort, Ky.).
  11. Approval for a mine license to be issued from the Department of Revenue in Frankfort, Ky.