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Division of Mine Safety
Safety Analysis, Training and Certification

The primary reason for safety analysis is to prevent mine accidents and fatalities by observing and evaluating the work habits of miners while at the same time providing on‑the‑job counseling to the individual miner and assisting in correcting any unsafe or potentially hazardous actions. 

The Kentucky Division of Mine Safety (DMS) is the only agency in the nation that adopted a mine safety analyst program.  

Studies have demonstrated that by providing quality training and performing on-the-job safety analysis to miners brings about a significant reduction in underground and surface accidents and fatalities.

DMS is also proud of the training provided to KY miners throughout the state.  The following mining courses are provided in each of the four branch offices lead by qualified instructors on a daily basis:

  • 24-Hour Inexperienced Surface Miner
  • 40-Hour Inexperienced Underground Miner
  • Initial Underground and Surface Foreman
  • Annual Retraining for Underground and Surface Foreman
  • Initial Mine Emergency Technician
  • Annual Retraining for Surface and Underground Miner
  • CPR
  • Shot Firer/Conventional and Solid Blasting 

By conducting on-the-job safety analysis and performing quality miner training, the division feels that miners will work safer and become more productive. 

DMS will continue its relentless efforts in protecting the coal industry's No. 1 resource, the miner. 

Electrical Training Program

John Dixon, Chief Electrical Mine Safety Specialist

Electrical training classes are offered free of charge at all DMS Branch offices throughout the year on an as-needed basis. For those interested in the initial electrical test, it is offered at least once a month. Section 351.109 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes lists the required qualifications for individuals who wish to take the written exam.
Click on the Kentucky Electrical Study Guide (under Quick Links) to prepare for the exam. An affidavit and data sheet are also available along with instructions for those who qualify and want to become a Kentucky certified electrician and/or instructor.
Together, we can make each Kentucky coal mine a SAFE place to work.



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