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Division of Mine Safety
Underground Mine Foreman Training Program

The purpose of this training program is two-fold:

·    To prepare candidates for mine foreman certification with the necessary information and knowledge to successfully complete the underground mine foreman certification examination.

·    To provide more knowledgeable and effective frontline supervisor workforce whose leadership will have a positive effect on those miners under their supervision. 

Accidents and fatalities can be reduced when mine foremen perform their jobs in a safe and productive manner and lead by example.  This happens only when foremen have been properly trained and insist that safe work habits and procedures are followed. 

Classroom instruction is offered in all district offices.  Class participants (mine foreman candidates) will need to purchase or download the Laws Governing the Mining of Coal, Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapters 351-352.  For information on how to purchase and\or acquire the law book, contact your local Office of Mine Safety and Licensing (numbers and location provided below).

Attending all classes will greatly enhance the chances for successfully completing the mine foreman examination.  Mine foreman training consists of nine subject areas presented in PowerPoint format.  The questions that appear on the mine foreman certification examination are taken from the PowerPoint presentations, oral exams and the law book.  However, it should be noted that the subject areas -- Pre-Shift Inspections, Substance Abuse, Mining Plans and How to Ventilate a Mine -- are covered extensively in the PowerPoint presentations but not in the study guides.

Some of the subject areas require class participants to complete exercises to facilitate learning.  Many of the narrated slides require additional comments and emphasis from the instructors to help class participants understand and retain the information presented. Questions from class participants are encouraged.

The mine foreman certification examination will be administered by the chief examiner of the Office of Mine Safety and Licensing at district offices throughout the Commonwealth. The certification exam will consist of a 50-question test on each of nine subject areas covered in the class requiring 80 percent proficiency.  Additionally, the mine foreman candidate must demonstrate competency in: ventilating a mine, correct use of an anemometer and a methane detector, completing an accident report, and completing a pre-shift mine examiner’s report.  The mine foreman candidate must also successfully complete an oral examination.

Individuals desiring to take the mine foreman examination must complete an affidavit and a data sheet showing proof of mining experience, and purchase a money order or a cashier’s check in the amount of $50, made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer.  This must be presented to the chief examiner on the morning of the date of the examination.

In an effort to provide maximum accessibility to this crucial information, the nine subject areas, units one through nine, are provided here for download.  They are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader.  These units are copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the classroom course, but they are not narrated.

In 2006, existing mining laws were changed and new laws were promulgated to improve the safety of the underground coal miner. Mining Law, unit two of the Underground Mine Foreman Training Program, has been revised accordingly.  Mining Law now consists of part one and part two (revised February 2007).


Unit 1 – Pre-shift Substance Abuse

Unit 2 – Mining Law Part 1

Unit 2 – Mining Law Part 2

Unit 3 – Gases

Unit 4 – Proper Use of Explosives

Unit 5 – Fires and Explosives

Unit 6 – Electricity and Apparatus

Unit 7 – Ventilating a Mine Part 1

Unit 7 – Ventilating a Mine Part 2

Unit 8 – First Aid and CPR Part 1

Unit 8 – First Aid and CPR Part 2

Unit 9 – General Mining

Note:  All slides for use in the classroom have been narrated to assist class participants in the maximum retention of material. If you need further assistance or have questions about the class, please contact the district office in your area. They will be glad to assist you.

Barbourville Office:             606-546-5035
Harlan Office:                       606-573-1260
Hazard Office:                      606-435-6079
Madisonville Office:            270-824-7523
Martin Office:                        606-285-3227
Pikeville Office:                    606-433-7742